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Wednesday 25 November 2020


Civil Aviation (Security) Regulations 2011 [PDF Document]

Who is AVSEC?

Aviation securityis mainly responsible for the safeguard of civil aviation operations against any act of unlawful interference. This is achieved through the strategic combination of measures, human, and material resources. The safety and security of crew, passengers, public, ground staff, facilities and property is the purpose for AVSEC existence in the state. International practice have evolved in AVSEC, and now the world is moving from considering AVSEC as an added function towards seriously taking AVSEC as a business service to the aviation operation. This is necessitated by the volume of investment made to the function in terms of capital injection on equipment, research and training.


AVSEC in Eswatini was established in 1994 with strength of 9 security officers including the Senior AVSEC officer, AVSEC duties were normally performed by RSP and the airport guarded by night-watchmen during the night.

In 2010 after two ICAO audits of 2003 & 2008, 27 security officers were recruited and trained on AVSEC basic 123 and screeners certification to strengthen the AVSEC department. ESWACAA engaged CAAZ to assist her in the implementation of the ICAO standards in the form of a corrective action plan also the regulatory oversight function was established by ESWACAA where two inspectors and one head a AVSEC officer were appointed in may, 2011, and thereafter trained on safety management systems, senior management systems, and ICAO national inspectors/auditors.


AVSEC services consumers are as follows among others: airlines, crew, passengers, ground handlers, cargo handlers or regulated agents, staff, and general public

Stakeholder profile:

ICAO and local legal documents:

Annex 17 - security; annex 9 - facilitation; annex 18 - dangerous goods; AVSEC CAA act of 2009; regulations; NCASP, NQCP and NCASTP


Airports' access control systems
Risk and threat assessment
Security emergency response
Screening of passengers
Screening of cabin baggage
Screening of hold baggage
Aircraft and property security
Ground air NAVAIDS protection

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