The novel coronavirus (COVID -19) outbreak is of considerable concern to the aviation industry. As the Authority, our main aim is to protect the health and welfare of our customers, travellers, staff, and the public, and to reduce the opportunities for dissemination of communicable diseases.

In that note, the Authority has ensured several engagements and meetings to asses COVID-19 threat and several recommendations have been made. The recommendations are designed to reduce exposure to any infectious agent within our organisation and to improve the response to public health-related emergencies.

In this regard the following actions are considered by the Authority:

  1. Continued collaboration and communication is the key to effective emergency response: consistent communication will continue to be made with the various stakeholders with regards to measures currently implemented by the Authority during this time of the coronavirus. No discrimination will be exercised to any person.
  2. Continued surveillance on all people through non-invasive screening as they enter into our premises. This is meant to check for any symptoms that might match behaviour of the communicable disease.
  3. Ensure availability of hygiene services in terms of regular cleaning of surfaces, provision of sanitising consumables and closed waste bins whereby staff and aviation stakeholders are encouraged to take advantage for use.
  1. Continued updates to exercise necessary precautions with regards to communicable diseases prevention, preparedness and reporting.
  1. Continued evaluation of risk while implementing necessary measures and ensuring consistent communication with respect to the pandemic in line with guidelines laid by World Health Organisation (WHO), the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the Ministry of Health.

By Management