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Sunday 17 November 2019


The Civil Aviation Regulations were promulgated and came into force after publication in the Government Gazette. The first batch of Regulations was published in August 2011 and the second batch in September 2011. The Regulations amongst other things provide for the registration of aircraft, licensing of personnel involved in aviation, certification of aerodromes, security, aircraft operations and administration amongst other things.

As the development of Regulations is a process, promulgation of other regulations dealing with other aspects of aviation such as accident investigations and air navigation services will be done in due course. The main objective of the Regulations is to implement the standards and recommended practices flowing from the Annexes of the 1944 Chicago Convention.

The regulations are available at a fee.

Eswatini Civil Aviation Regulations of 2011

  1. Civil Aviation (Air Navigation Services) Regulations
  2. Civil Aviation (Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation) Regulations
  3. Civil Aviation (Aerial Work) Regulations
  4. Civil Aviation (Aerodrome) Regulations
  5. Civil Aviation (Air Operator Certification and Administration) Regulations
  6. Civil Aviation (Aircraft Registration and Marking) Regulations
  7. Civil Aviation (Airworthiness) Regulations
  8. Civil Aviation (Approved Maintenance Organization) Regulation
  9. Civil Aviation (Approved Training Organization) Regulations
  10. Civil Aviation (Commercial Air Transportation by Foreign Operator) Regulations
  11. Civil Aviation (Instruments and Equipment) Regulations
  12. Civil Aviation (Operation of Aircraft) Regulations
  13. Civil Aviation (Parachute Operations) Regulations
  14. Civil Aviation (Personnel Licensing) Regulations
  15. Civil Aviation (Rules of the Air and Air Traffic Control) Regulations

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