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Wednesday 25 November 2020



  1. O-GEN001 Pre-Application Statement of Intent (PASI)
  2. O-GEN002A Operators Feedback Form
  3. O-GEN003 Management Personnel Biographical Data


  1. AC-AWS001A Application for Certificate of Registration
  2. AC-AWS002AA Importation Guidance & Application
  3. AC-AWS002A C of A Issue / Renewal Application
  4. AC-AWS002B C of A Issue / Renewal Aircraft Status Report
  5. AC-AWS002C Aircraft Sys. and Equipment Installations
  6. AC-AWS004 Special Flt. Permit Application
  7. AC-AWS006B AMO Certification & Renewal Application
  8. AC-AWS006C AMO Assessment Statement
  9. AC-AWS006D AMO Certification Job Aid
  10. AC-AWS006E AMO Proposed Certification Schedule of Events
  11. AC-AWS007 Application for Approved Maintenance Organisation Certificate and Ratings
  12. AC-AWS014 App. for Approval of Major Mods & Repairs.
  13. AC-AWS014A Major Modification and Repair Record
  14. AC-AWS020 Export Certificate of Airworthiness (EAC) Application
  15. O- AWS021 Corrective Action Form
  16. O-AWS023 Follow-up Corrective Action Form
  17. AC-AWS031 Particulars
  18. AC-AWS032 Application for amendment
  19. AC-AWS033 Application for Cancellation
  20. AC-AWS034 Notification of Transfer

Flight Operations

  1. AC-OPS001A Air Operator Certification Job Aid And Schedule Of Events For Commercial Air Transport Operators
  2. AC-OPS001B Management Personnel Biographical Data
  3. AC-OPS040 Application For An Approved Training Organization Certificate
  4. AC-OPS040A Prospective ATO Statement of Intent (PASI)
  5. AC-OPS031 Occurrence Report Form
  6. AC-OPS031A Bird Strike Reporting Form
  7. AC-OPS031B Service Difficult Report (SDR)
  8. AC-OPS031C Dangerous Goods Occurrence Report Form

Personnel Licensing

  1. O-PEL001 Application For Issue Or Renewal Of A Student Pilot Licence
  2. O-PEL002 Application for Issue or Renewal of a Private Pilot Licence
  3. O-PEL003 Application for Issue or Renewal of a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)
  4. O-PEL003A Application for issue of a validation of a Foreign Pilots Licence
  5. O-PEL004 Application for Issue or Renewal of an Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL)
  6. O-PEL030 Application for Issue or Renewal of An Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Licence
  7. O-PEL041 Application for Validation oc a Cabin Crew Licence